Thursday, December 30, 2010

OH, oh!

Hello and welcome everyone! Ah, yes...New year's resolutions! Many are
made, few are kept. Hope we all live up too ours. OK, as promised...the
OH oh in fitness/ workout programs. Counting one to ten or whatever
number we pick, is perhaps necessary in what we do. Counting becomes
automatic and we tend to become mechanical in our routine. That's the
problem. We create barriers. We are our own worst enemy. We train
because we want to run longer, faster and build endurance. We start and stop at a certain number and perform the same exercises for the same
amount of time every day. So we train the brain to STOP at a certain time. And we wonder why we are not getting's because we plan it that way. Vary the count, vary the time, vary the number of sets and
vary the routine. Every day must be's called CHANGE UP!
By doing this simple thing, you will get the results you want. Training
every day requires you to take one day off. Let your body "heal." Oh,
you will start seeing the results in one week. Next week..."keep going."

Have a great and meaningful life everyone! Jimmy O

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